2014 Inside Passage to Alaska

We are at Sea!

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Morning sunrise catching the snowcapped mountains as we make our way northward.
The scenery was already incredible and we were still in Canadian waters!
Color drapes the mountain tops across the bay waters.
Sleepy time for some but I will go explore the ship for hot coffee!
Deck 9, Lido Deck!

I can still hear the elevator announcing my arrival!

Early risers are few on a luxury liner although they became more prevalent as the trip went on.
The morning light caught the row of orchids as they greeted passersby.... I took a closer look.

Soft backgrounds created magic behind the beautiful orchids.
Decorators coordinate the dining area so there is a continuous harmony wherever you look.
The view outside rivals the one within and I soon find myself topside!
The Princess liner passes us as we make our way northward.
I return to the room as the passage narrows and we are a stone's throw from land!
Countless rivers and waterfalls cascade toward the inside passage creating opportunities to spot bears and eagles!
Nancy has taken to her books to read and I find other entertainment....