2014 Inside Passage to Alaska

Our day in Juneau!

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Breakfast found most diners looking east along the shore for a port to come into view.
As we slowly make our way into the dock area Nancy and I discuss the procedure of how to get from the ship to the shore. We will be anchored in the bay.
We find out that we are to tender on a vessel for debarkation.... In other words, we gotta catch a shuttle into town over the water!
There was a buzz on ship this morning... We have reached the first debarkation point of the trip. There's a lot of anticipation amongst the travelers who are going ashore for an "excursion".


One big happy family!
Glad I could swim!
We caught our tour bus and headed for the Mendenhall Glacier. This was the cloudiest and wettest day we had on the trip. But as we walked up the trail to see the ice flow, the rain meant very liitle.
This is a massive ice field connected to several glaciers and encompasses some 5,000 plus acres. The glacier itself is 12 miles in length.... today....
An Alaskan size waterfall!
The dark blue area is due to the calving of the glacier within a few hours of when we arrived. The canoe in the foreground has native people from the Tongass region. There is much to do over the preservation of the area and the hordes of cruise folk coming to see it!
Here we are being good tourists! I took several photos for others during the trip and so did Nancy. We also had a few taken for us as well.
From the glacier we headed to the Salmon hatchery and learned all about the habitat of salmon and what is being done to protect them and the salmon industry.
We rounded out our excursion with a trip to the "all you can eat Salmon Bake". Barbecued
 over alder wood fire and all the trimmings! Stuffed!!!