2014 Inside Passage to Alaska

Coming into Skagway!

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Early mornings on the veranda made the little extra we
paid for a balcony room well worth the bucks!
This is very much as I remember it when I visited in 1968. At that time there were no roads
out of Skagway and only the Alaskan Ferry service. Now the cruise ships dock here
and for a few months out of the year, Skagway is full of tourists.
The Yukon Trail White Pass Train still operates, although you cannot
 put your car on the train and have it pulled over to Whitehorse
like we did so many years ago. But there are several excursions that last from 3
hours to all day. A trip that should not be missed if you visit.
The trains come right down to the docks and pick up the passengers.
There are other sites to see and of course you can always take a
flight excursion via float plane or helicopter!
Vintage, old school, rustic.... slow and steady they climb several
thousand feet above the bay to White Pass.
Narrow gauge track allows the train to make sharp turns...
Much of the trip we are precariously hanging on the edge of the cliffs....
I shot all my photos through the window glass with a polarizing filter
to remove any glare. Better than sharing the outside deck with a plethora of paparazzi!
Looking back to the bay and the cruise ships docked.
Rugged mountains of solid rock...Built in 1898 on the lives of  hundreds men, boys and animals.
We returned to the dock and made our way back on board.
Getting ready for departure.  The Princess will pull out before us.
Must be time to visit the Lido Deck!
Holy Cow! There is no choice here! You get all three!
Shot from our dinning table on the Lido Deck, Skagway.
Pulling out of Skagway.... What a time we are having!
And someone else does all the driving! 2000 miles all together!