2014 Inside Passage to Alaska

Coming into Glacier Bay!

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Morning breaks here about 3:30 to 4AM. There is a one hour time change.
The beauty here is like driving the Banff to Jasper highway in Alberta Canada.... Top Rate! Drop Dead Gorgeous!
Here are Glacier Bay images that need no words....
The National parks service now controls this area... If it didn't I'm sure there would be a floating McDonald's out on the bay serving lattes and burgers... As it is there are only 2 cruise ships allowed in each day. There are park officials that accompany the ship and give talks about the ecosystem. Held in the crows nest and on the decks  of the cruise ships. They also let in a small number of tour vessels and a daily quota of private boats.
The Lido deck is the 9th story on this giant ship and as you can see the glacier is quite a bit higher than this deck.
This area is so remote that you can only see it from the sea. And then you have to be selected to see it!
This glacier used to be 65 miles down the bay which we just sailed through. There used to be a valley inhabited by the native people where the bay is now. All this carving of miles occurred over a period less than 400 years. This is a very short time geologically.
I shot video but I wasn't able to capture an  ice break. The calving is very spectacular but the sound of the ice shifting and popping in the silence is breath taking.... There is nothing I have ever heard like it.
The weather was better than I ever expected! Really, I think most folks see this on grey drizzling days.
Looking up at the glacier from this tour boat must be amazing. Although  the tour boat is large, it's dwarfed along side of us...
Sunning and eating.... They know what time it is!
Lots of whale sightings but they were way out there!