2014 Inside Passage to Alaska

Our Ketchikan friends Geoff, Shalie and Luke!

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Love the mornings on the veranda... hot coffee and great scenery!
Docked in Ketchikan. I had been looking forward to seeing Ketchikan and seeing our friend Geoff and his family. Also wanted to see Creek Street in hopes it might yield some decent images for future drawings and paintings.
We booked this excursion for a quick tour of the city and some bay side views of the old town. It was a kick!
The two that ran this tug, Pierre and Lee, are real characters and kept us laughing most of the trip!
The infamous Creek Street where men and salmon come to spawn!
Really picturesque, just what I wanted!
Dolly's is the yellow building in the distance... The last operating brothel on Creek Street.
Late lunch on Creek Street.... Another great day on our cruise!
Daydreaming about all we've seen... think about seeing Sophie Anne again.... Thankful for what we have!
Totem Poles
Boat building and repair.... Ketchikan is a fishing Mecca! As we leave for the inside passage route east of Vancouver Island, we share one last meal on the Lido.
The crows nest where you see what the captain is looking at!
We changed navigation crews a number of times. At the top of Vancouver Island we took aboard a seaman that is very familiar with the waters in the Georgia Straights. This is the navigation perch or part of it.
Our last night and the full moon rose over the seas as we put in for home port.


Our last sunrise!

That is the capsulation of the trip... I would highly recommend doing this at some point in your life if you haven't. I would suggest getting a veranda deck unless you really like socializing. The starboard side of the ship fills faster due to the scenery on that side. Remember you quite likely won't get the great weather we did... I hope you do! We went early so the tickets are cheaper because rain chances are more likely then. DON'T miss Glacier Bay. We had Tracy Arm on our tour but it was only for excursion goers. We did not see anything on that stop.

You can book excursions on the ship. You do not have to book in advance with Holland America. Watch the weather and plan your excursions accordingly. Glacier Bay is on vessel only.


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