Sports photography is NOT for everyone. You must know a variety of sports and how they are played to get incredible photos of athletes during peak action. Anticipation is key. Fast reaction is just a split second behind. We have the top of the line cameras and lenses which enable us to concentrate on the action rather than our equipment. We have been very successful in dimly lit gyms, rainy sidelines and blistering heat. We are professional photographers. I have 20 years experience and nearly 1,000,000 sports photos to my credit. I have worn out bullet proof cameras, stood on finish lines at 2 AM and stood chest deep in Puget Sound's icy waters to get the shots we have become known for. This is not a job, it's what I love to do!

I am a native northern Californian with my roots rising from the Sierra Nevada mountains. I now live in WA and enjoy the wonderful beauty of this geographic wonderland. I  travel the west coast and photographed the beauty that lies along its shores and deep within its mountain passes. These areas are my favorite haunts. Each photo season brings with it a nature of its own. The mountain climates change appearance with each of the seasons. This becomes an atmospheric tapestry that unfurls on a daily basis. The anticipation of a brilliant sunrise or the subtle glow of mares tails drifting overhead while exploring an alpine meadow keeps me looking forward to each day.

Photographing natural scenes is interactive. Light is the key element that elevates the common photograph to the extraordinary. However, if a photographer is not connected to their subject, the composition may lack the soul needed to create a living image. I have always felt an intrinsic connection with nature. When I am with the earth I feel that I am transparent. I move without notice or harm to the surroundings. I am acutely aware of the elements, the light, the air and the sky. I soak in the richness of the earth and borrow its moments of grandeur to share. Each moment is unique and cannot be repeated or recreated. But it can be recorded and then revisited by looking into the small windows of time that we call photographs. 

My education..... Continues. My teaching....... is collaborative with my students. My appreciation for this time on earth...... I share. All of us have spirit guides or totems that help us on our life's journey. We have special places that revive our souls. We are moving within the embrace of the Earth. We are the current sentries of our natural habitat. Our dedication to the preservation is paramount. We are making a difference in the lives of those not yet born. Sharing the environment through photographs will assure that the Earth's legacy lives on. 

I invite you now to enter and enjoy a small sampling of my collective works.



James Geddes is a member and founder of the International Photographic Guild

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Dedicated to the Art, Galen and Barbara Rowell
August 23rd, 1940 - August 11th, 2002
Article by Thom Hogan
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