I would have to call this an eclectic collection from here and there, then and now. I don't consider this my
life's work, it would be better explained as my life's love or passion.... it's fun, challenging and always
a joy to share with my lifelong partner, Nancy!

We have thousands of photos of very special places and taken at the moments the light was rich and deep.
It's not a fluke when you take an outstanding photograph, it takes planning.
Weather conditions, compositions that feature drama and set the scene with realistic depth. When
I used to teach photography, my students would say, "you should have seen it, it was much better than the
photograph." It was my goal to teach them to turn that statement into, "That photo looks even better than the scene!"

If you love nature, wildlife and landscapes, you owe yourself a few minutes to visit these sections of our site:
The DVD page that offers gorgeous scenes from our trip to Banff and Jasper in 2006.
The Return of the Eagles page features outstanding eagle images along the Skagit River, WA.
The Prints page offers even more wonderful photos and paintings that can be purchased.

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