Skagit River Eagle Trip 2006

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Return of the Eagles - Sauk & Skagit Rivers

January 2005. Our first trip to the Skagit River mid winter for the 
Return of the Eagles.
All Photography with 400mm + Canon IS lenses. Caution was taken to not disturb the eagles nor their habitat. 
The sights and sounds were incredible. We had never seen a concentration of this magnitude. Skagit River is a sacred place to these eagles. 
The food is not as plentiful as it once was. After watching for a few hours, you could start understanding the pecking order and who were the dominate birds.

Photo by Nancy Geddes

Feeding was early and the mornings were frozen. Then it began to snow.
Up and down the river they travel. Certain times of the day they become more active. Early morning and late afternoon, the birds took to flight.
So difficult getting a sharp focus with the telephoto lenses adding extenders for distance. Then an eagles soars directly at you at incredible speeds.... Hold your breath and roll the finger gently over the shutter button... 6, 7 maybe 8 frames per second and then they are gone.
Under the watchful eye. If the eagle flies, you have invaded their territory. You have taken them away from what they desperately need. They rely on each feeding time. They must be allowed their space.
Grace and power, these are magnificent creatures. I would recommend the trip into the Skagit even if you don't own a camera. We found ourselves standing silently for several minutes at a time. watching, listening..... smiling.....
The chum salmon carcasses become objects of conflict.


Photo by Nancy Geddes

Swinging the big lens while chest deep in a blind. You only get a second or two at the most to pan the flight. But it's worth the travel to hear and see -

The Return of the Eagles

This area is east of  I5 and is the top half of the Cascade loop. This route closes in the winter about 20 miles
east of Marblemount due to snow. I  would have to say, out of all the areas in WA I find this highway and the adjoining 
mountains the most abundant with natural beauty and scenic byways. We stayed at Grace Haven which is between 
Marblemount and Rockport and a perfect location for an eagle excursion. There are several very nice accommodations in the
vicinity but groceries are best to purchase in Concrete. Most of the cabins we looked into, had cooking facilities. Next
visit we plan on staying at
Clark's Skagit River Resort.

Our cabin did not have a TV (darn) but did have a nice assortment of books and CD player. The cabin was very comfortable
and we both liked the many lamps instead of harsh overhead lighting. This allowed for many comfortable reading areas.
Of course Cosmo found his spot by the fire.