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Composite: Eagle from the Skagit in flight over Lake Baker with Shuksan Peak (9,127 ft.) in the background

For those who might be curious about our equipment. We shoot Canon SLRs, 1D and 10D cameras with 200mm, 300mm and 400mm L series
lenses. We also employ 1.4 extenders in order to capture the eagles which rarely reside on the same side of the river as we do... Getting sharp
detailed photos on cloudy, rainy days with our lenses is a challenge. Getting great shots of the Skagit Eagles is the Reward!

James Geddes enjoying a trail along Independence Lake on an outing to Monte Cristo. Photo by Nancy Geddes

Nancy and Tripod (Cosmo, who is getting more and more three legged) jaunt back from scouting the forest, ferns and hanging moss along the Sauk.
At over 9,000 feet Shuksan Mountain Peak is nearly as high as neighboring Mt. Baker. The fresh snowfall reflects unusual January sunlight which diminished rapidly as the morning slipped in to early afternoon.
An early morning feeding is the only thing on this eagle's mind. This is the prime spot for over seeing the slow waters just after the inlet rapids.
Mt. Baker can easily be seen from the Seattle area on a clear day. But having it as our back drop for lunch at Baker Lake was quite spectacular. I am guessing, but I think we are about 80 to 100 miles north of Seattle and about 16 miles north of Concrete on the North Cascade Highway.
The incredible eyesight of the eagle is not bothered in the least by the morning sun. The warmth of the sun felt good to both of us as we kept tabs on the activity below.

This is at the Rockport turnout which we have found to be the most consistent for bird watching and eagle watching when visiting the Skagit.
Moody fog and still water create an outstanding Black and White opportunity. The small object in the tree on the left hand edge is an eagle watching the Sauk River for salmon carcasses.
We stare curiously at each other...


I can read his lips..... Can..... on...... Canon!

Sauk Mountain rises above Jackman Ridge. The fog is lifting along the Skagit river west of the confluence with the Sauk River.
About to take flight and look for more productive fishing areas.
Mt. Baker taken from the Skagit River. The soft light and pastel colors were blurred further by blowing snow on the mountain peak.
This is a sight I have not been privileged to see on previous trips. Baker looming in the background of the Skagit creates a picture perfect landscaped that is just a small part Washington State's signature beauty.
Looking east, west, north or south will offer views of snowcapped mountains and glistening waterways.
Now these are some happy cows! Just looking around is a MOOving  experience!
From Baker Lake, and our nearest point to the summit of Mt. Baker, you can see the rugged peaks that form the south face.
Camouflaged in the underbrush along the river. This eagle is snacking on leftovers for the night before. The keen eyes are difficult to get a clear photo of. The birds have an uncanny way of hiding their eyes. It reminds me of the headdresses worn by many native Americans which shelter vision of their eyes from potential enemies.
On this trip we stayed the night at Clark's Skagit River Resort. As usual we travel and plan our excursions for weekdays so we don't worry about accommodation or crowds. The Skagit River Resort accommodations are not like any other that we have stayed in. The circa 1940 bunk houses or employee housing for the old mill have become the cabins similar to the one we stayed in. We did not chose to stay in a "theme cabin".

The cabin was well lit, roomy and had a toasty fireplace that easily heated the all rooms. There was some discussion about whether the hot water heater was on or off when we checked in... I tend to think it was off after a refreshingly chilly shower the next morning.

After preparing and enjoying a meal in our kitchen, we enjoyed a movie on cable TV before turning in. We had two bedrooms which were close to the highway 20 but not noisy at all. Our breakfast at Clark's eatery  was hearty  home style food in a room where we enjoyed looking at memorabilia from the early days of the elder Clarks. Locals enjoyed their breakfast and shared information with me about the area.

Prices were a bit higher than our stay last year with our room totaling just under $100.00 for double occupancy with our Chihuahua.

Tripod (Cosmo) was sure that the bunnies were for his entertainment and had trouble understanding why he could not go play with his new friends!